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Samsung is lagging behind Apple regarding phone activations!

Not having a new flagship smartphone on the market during this year-end is not a good thing for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 could have worked wonders at Samsung if it had not been removed from production and marketing (due to its repeated explosions). This may be one of the reasons why Samsung is still lagging behind Apple (in 2nd place) for most of the phone activations that were performed during that period. Data from analyst company Flurry show that the iPhone accounted for 44% of all activations of new smartphones during the winter holiday period. Samsung ranked second in the ranking with 21%.

This shows that the iPhone continues to be a highly valued and highly sought after gift during the period in question but Flurry also says that life begins to smile at Samsung by adding that Samsung’s popularity is steadily increasing in recent days; It represents an increase of 1% compared to last year. Given that the Galaxy Note 7 is missing, the Galaxy S7 has remained the most popular smartphone at Samsung and this is the case because the company has promoted its flagship model of 2016 very persistently to compensate for the losses that have been Caused by the Galaxy Note

The iPhone 7 Plus white jet might look like that!

At the beginning of last November, a report appeared on the web; The latter indicated that Apple was going to launch a option of jet white color for the iPhone in order to be in continuation with the great success of option black color jet of the iPhone 7. This report aroused the skepticism of the Consumers, as Apple is not the only company to launch the new color options in the middle of its product cycle. This is a decision that was kept for the next Apple iPhone in 2017. Anyway, if you wanted to see what the bright white of the iPhone looks like, you can just watch the video clip following.

At first sight, you will notice that the white hulls that are shown to you are not really signed Apple. These shells would either be Chinese replacement boxes or shells that are sold on websites like Alibaba.

There is no way of knowing if these color options will leave the Foxconn factory. It now appears that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available in five color options: silver, black, gold, pink gold and black jet. It may be that Apple adds the Pure White color option and this would cause a shortage of the new color. Also, as many consumers did not seem to care about the fact that the black-jet option is a prey to scratching easily (micro-scratches due to its high-gloss finish), perhaps one Brilliant white color option would be attractive to consumers. But the reality is this: Apple is still struggling to find demand for the five different color options it already offers in its product line, not to mention that by having in stock each color option in each level Of memory and for each mobile operator would require more effort.

To be realistic, we do not think Apple will add a bright white color option to the iPhone giveaway during its product cycle. Logically also we could see a white model replace the silver model (or any color option), while the most unlikely scenario would be that Apple actually adds a new white option to the other 5 color options .

Get back the Aero Glass effect in Windows 10 and 8.1 with this free app

Aero Glass effect in Windows 10

Things change for some reason, whether good or bad, but they always change and you have to be prepared for that. And when Microsoft decided to change the look of Windows in Vista, by giving that transparent touch to the edges of windows with Aero Glass, it seemed a good idea.

So I applauded when Microsoft continued with that style in Windows 7 and I really thought that the desktop version of Windows 8 would also continue with the look that Aero Glass offered.

We have moved away from Aero Glass, with flat surfaces, removing reflections and eliminating distracting gradients. But thanks to this application compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1 we can enjoy Aero Glass again and away from Metro for a while.

The application is called Aero Glass – it looks like they want to be pretty straight forward with the name – which will help us get the Windows 7 experience in Windows 10 or 8.1.

An update that the application has received, makes Aero Glass fully compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary up to build 14393, so if you are running the version and you are not part of the Windows Insider program, this little tool really should be useful.

Aero Glass integrates with Windows Desktop Manager without compromising any of the system components. Use the native Direct3D device to recreate the effects and colors.

You can change the transparency and base colors directly from the Windows control panel. And if you prefer you can make the whole window transparent and not just the frame.

You can see an instructional video of the application:

It seems that Microsoft wants to return the Aero Glass effect for Windows 10 as the Neon project with already filtered images show us a minimalist aesthetic with more noticeable Glass effect.