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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger join their notifications

Facebook for Android

That a company like Facebook began to make itself with other companies of the sector like Instagram or WhatsApp, promising that each one of them would go its own way, sounded strange to us at first. The more data flow between each platform, the more profits companies obtain by selling our data.

Yesterday we saw how Facebook was fined by the European commission for having lied when buying WhatsApp (the lie is about joining Facebook accounts and WhatsApp) and today we learn thanks to TechCrunch that the company aims to join the notifications of its main platforms Of social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook itself.

As we have read, these 3 applications would be testing new interfaces in their sections of notifications with which to include also those pending news that we have in other social networks. That is, if we have any pending notification on Instagram, we will also be notified via Facebook or Messenger.


This does not mean that we receive 3 push notifications, but that when entering Facebook, for example, we will have a red circle in the upper right that will notify us that we have pending news. Clicking on this circle, a window will be displayed with the breakdown of the same: X are Instagram, and Messenger, etc.

However, the shadow of “come on, go read, you have things pending” will be there and will chase us for other applications like a fly in summer, something that surely cause fatigue to more than one user.

At the moment, as we say, is a new functionality that is in the testing phase, although it seems that it will not take too long to reach other users. To enjoy this new option – if you are going to enjoy it – it is necessary to have linked the accounts of both platforms, so those who have not done this step you should not fear.

What do you think of this new functionality? Do you like it or do you find it too intrusive?

This is the Best Application to go by Public Transport


You can not always have a car to transport us, or ask for a taxi, so that you will not miss again, today we are going to show you the best application for public transport, an inexpensive way to get around and not Contaminates

We have already recommended some applications before, but now the application in question is called Citymapper, and brings together a large number of means of transport, such as train, subway or bus, which makes it very complete, avoiding you install two Or three more applications.

This is the best application to go by public transport

As we’ve told you, Citymapper is the best application to go on public transport that you can download. As soon as you enter, you can see that it is very organized so that, at a glance, you can see all the means of transport around you or enter the direction you want to go. Quite more useful than Google Maps in this regard.


In addition, it has two shortcuts to indicate the route you must take to get to the address you indicate as your home and work. So simple, without having to go through the directions every time you want to know how to get back home.

But possibly the most distinctive of Citymapper is that it brings together various means of transport, such as the bus, taxis, metro, train or even BiciMAD services. This will save you having to install the official application of the bus service, the metro and other public transport services you use.

But, although it is the best application to go on public transport, it is subject to limitations, such as the sites where it is available. In Spain, for example, it is only available in Madrid and Barcelona, while, unfortunately, throughout Latin America the list is reduced to a single city: São Paulo.

From the application itself you can suggest new cities where you want Citymapper to be implemented, but until you do this job, you can use Moovit, another quite complete application that will help you not to lose you again when you go on public transport.

Smart Ways to Market Your Smart device Application

Application programmers are battling nowadays to locate individuals for their smart device applications. The primary factor is, naturally, “the competitors”. apple iphone’s App Store has greater than 500,000 applications, while Google’s Andorid Market is protruding with 250,000 applications. One might conveniently end advertising and marketing is essential for any type of application to endure. A few of the reliable application advertising strategies are detailed below.

Inside the application shop: Give an appropriate, memorable name to your application. Application summary in the iTunes web page or in the Android Market web page plays an essential function in making an application hit and also remember the significance of screenshots. You need to prepare to remodel on application summaries and also screenshots as long as you could and also look for out the effect of the adjustments accomplished.

Have fun with the cost: If you are not mosting likely to offer your application completely free, you must play wise while valuing your application. Discover exactly what your rivals are doing as well as aim to outmaneuver them around. Sale statements could develop buzz around the application. In 2009, Peggle, an apple iphone application, did it effectively. Providing a free, lite variation could additionally tempt customers to purchase the complete variation.

Press Releases: Press launches assist the application advertising in lots of locations like branding, advertising and also improving it’s downloads. You could get the assistance of free press launch websites if you can not pay for to invest much on this. A few of these websites will certainly likewise send it to Google News. If you assume, you can not release and also create news release, obtain the aid of a news release specialist.

Updates: Don’t make every effort to offer all the attributes in the initial variation– it is extremely tough as well as it will not aid you in advertising and marketing. Conserve some attributes for the updates. Or else, every single time you upgrade you need to inform, “Minor pests taken care of”. Updates could be utilized for producing a buzz around your application. While upgrading, make use of the assistance of news release once more for advertising. Lot of times responses would certainly aid you in making required adjustments in the updates. Pay attention to comments.

Send to blog sites: There are numerous application advertising and marketing websites as well as testimonial websites. Send your application to as lots of websites as feasible. You could make use of these solutions at an economical expense, otherwise free. Please locate whether they would certainly offer web links to your application’s iTunes web page as well as even more significantly your web site if they require cash for posting.

Track your development: There are lots of devices readily available to track the downloads of your application. Several of them supply this solution free of charge, while other devices will certainly ask you for loan. These devices outfit with different graphes to comprehend the comprehend fads.

Create an excellent application: With these couple of strategies, there are lots of various other advertising and marketing methods to that can make an application an effective one. You could reach Top 100 with an average application, however it is extremely difficult to remain there. The sub-par applications would certainly additionally ruin your track record as an application manufacturer.

There are a lot more efficient methods to advertise a smart device application. Really feel free to speak to Alpha Digits for assistance if you are preparing to release an appArticle Submission. We could assist you in the locations like releasing as well as creating news release as well as sending the application to the directory sites as well as web sites.

Just how Popular music Has an effect on The Means Our experts Encounter Online video Video games

Computer game songs may be the greatest aspect of an activity. That is just one of the prime elements to the aesthetic appeals from a video game and also may actually result in the heart’s whole. A video game’s songs is actually the structure for the shade, possessing as a lot (otherwise even more) from an influence on the environment compared to the visuals. This being actually mentioned, the songs may suggest just what sort of activity you’ll presume this is actually mosting likely to be actually.

If the songs enjoys or even cheesy, at that point you could obtain the feeling that the video game is actually intended to become airy as well as happy, merely certainly there for you to have a ball. If the popular music is actually sluggish, thoughtful, or even dark, you could capture the ambiance that you are actually entering one thing significant, along with a harsh setting. If the songs to a video game does not accommodate, that can easily all of simply create the video game think off. This could certainly not reduce coming from the video game, yet there is actually regularly the opportunity.

Chip-tune is actually simple to duplicate by means of thruming, as well as if an item is actually appealing this is actually likewise quick and easy to reproduce through thruming. If you can easily thrum that good enough, that has the tendency to end up being unforgettable.

Some ind activities do not call for popular music, demanding just audio impacts, assorted sounds, and also perhaps the periodic little bit of feel occasionally. Skillfully performed instances of this particular will be actually It’s the same as well as After effects New Las vega’ Add-on Dead Cash. It’s the same possesses a quite tranquil but sinister as well as harsh hue, and also the muteness damaged my merely the audio results as well as the periodic water drip travels this property. Lifeless Cash is actually implied to become frightening. This is actually environment along with arbitrary sounds highlight this miraculous level, collaborating with the visuals to specially agitate you at your primary. Kid performs this perform that effectively.

Back then, when the popular music was actually ever before thus impeded due to the modern technology from the grow older, popular music needed to consider a lot less complex implies to impart ambience. They could not make use of the thorough make-ups these days’s songs. Hell, they could not definitely obtain everything to seem like guitars. As an alternative, they made up tough tunes away from pressed noise little bits that produce the chip-tune type distinct. These solid tunes are actually straightforward, as well as often memorable. That is actually due to the fact that they are actually memorable that they often be actually a lot more unforgettable. Chip-tune is actually very easy to imitate through thruming, and also if an item is actually memorable this is actually additionally quick and easy to reproduce through thruming. If you can easily thrum that good enough, that usuallies come to be momentous. This is actually basic attribute enables you to remember that simpler, yet that does not entail thruming so this is actually tiring therefore whatever.

Use WhatsApp is now free with Vodafone and does not consume your data


Today we echoed in Andro4all that Vodafone was going to make changes in its rates. Of these changes we can highlight two: the price increase of between 2 and 5 euros in tariffs and Chat Zero, a good invention of Vodafone to make our data last longer. What is that of Zero Chat? Surely you know FreedomPop, the telephone company that offers WhatsApp for free (that is, it does not consume your data). Well Chat Zero is something like that.

From this precise moment, Chat Zero has entered into force in all the tariffs that go from the Mini S onwards. With Chat Zero, the consumption you make through your messaging applications will not consume your rate data. And yes, I speak in the plural, because it’s not just WhatsApp the application that enters into Zero Chat. Included within this system are Telegram, Line, Wechat, BlackBerry Messenger or Message +.

The good thing is that they include both sending text and images, videos and files. This, which may seem silly now, is not. When you run out of megabytes in Vodafone, the company lowers the speed of navigation to 16 kbps, which makes it almost impossible to use the phone – and here speaks the voice of experience. The fact that the main messaging applications do not consume data now is good news for all Vodafone users.

It should also be noted that the data of the main tariffs of Vodafone have tripled: the S, M and L. Where previously we were with 2, 4 and 6 GB, now we find 6, 10 and 20 GB, thanks to Chat Zero we can invest in social networks, consumption of multimedia content or play online. Be that as it may, it’s no big deal that messaging applications do not consume our data. It is a point in favor of Vodafone, no doubt.

Now available the parental control app of the Nintendo Switch for Android

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

In the middle of January we already anticipated that Nintendo would launch an application with which to manage the parental control of the new Nintento Switch. And is that the last console presented by the company has given much to talk about, especially for its new concept, which is novel and versatile.

The possibility of using this console in a portable way or use it as a tabletop device, turned on the TV, makes it the most innovative on the market. Nintendo knows how to protect everything that surrounds its products, and so has created the application to manage parental control from the mobile, among many other things.

The Nintendo Switch parental control app is now available

The application has been created with the aim of granting the command to the parents, never better said. With it they will be able to control the consumption of games in the console, although it is not the only use that can be given to that app.

The application responds to the name of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls. From it we can set temporary limits to play, even create schedules so that the person who is using the console can not play at a certain time.

A kind of timer will keep players informed, who will see a warning on the screen when they have a few minutes left. Once the counter reaches zero, the adult in charge of controlling this schedule can decide whether to turn off the console automatically or leave it on.

Another very well integrated functionality is the possibility of choosing the content that the child in question can play. You can choose an age range, all thanks to the famous PEGI code that all games use today. A very successful release by Nintendo that can now be downloaded for free on Google Play.

The Next Era Gaming system: Tomb Raider

The Definitive addition of Tomb Raider has enhanced a classic gaming in to the proverbial style of the 2016 game changer. The remastering of the gaming on another Generation system has re-introduced this traditional gaming to a complete new generation, even while still fascinating experienced gamers. The effects are actually in HD making the adventures more exciting and almost lifelike. The adjustments to the weaponry are ten times stronger than the originals. The arrows and bow by themselves have evolved the entire active of her arsenal.

Video gaming with Smith’s main aim is to help players move from the initial adventure in to the explosive taking part in field of the new one. The character’s motions are very different although some the weaponry has modified. Among the goal’s achieved by Gambling with Smith is the course and description of nearly all these persona movement’s. Once a gamer, has discovered the fundamentals, the transition isn’t only easier however the rewards therefore a lot more gratifying than the initial.

Tomb Raider is a gaming basic permanently. Now with the help of modern tools and the influence of a totally re-born system, it is currently ready to take its legacy to top of the echelons of Gaming history. From it’s surreal design to the initial story lines, it is eons prior to the most the video games that are out there. ANOTHER Generation Gaming console has taken an enormous step in to the new video gaming world and Video games with Smith can be an upcoming YouTube route that will show you through every step of just how.

Get back the Aero Glass effect in Windows 10 and 8.1 with this free app

Aero Glass effect in Windows 10

Things change for some reason, whether good or bad, but they always change and you have to be prepared for that. And when Microsoft decided to change the look of Windows in Vista, by giving that transparent touch to the edges of windows with Aero Glass, it seemed a good idea.

So I applauded when Microsoft continued with that style in Windows 7 and I really thought that the desktop version of Windows 8 would also continue with the look that Aero Glass offered.

We have moved away from Aero Glass, with flat surfaces, removing reflections and eliminating distracting gradients. But thanks to this application compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1 we can enjoy Aero Glass again and away from Metro for a while.

The application is called Aero Glass – it looks like they want to be pretty straight forward with the name – which will help us get the Windows 7 experience in Windows 10 or 8.1.

An update that the application has received, makes Aero Glass fully compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary up to build 14393, so if you are running the version and you are not part of the Windows Insider program, this little tool really should be useful.

Aero Glass integrates with Windows Desktop Manager without compromising any of the system components. Use the native Direct3D device to recreate the effects and colors.

You can change the transparency and base colors directly from the Windows control panel. And if you prefer you can make the whole window transparent and not just the frame.

You can see an instructional video of the application:

It seems that Microsoft wants to return the Aero Glass effect for Windows 10 as the Neon project with already filtered images show us a minimalist aesthetic with more noticeable Glass effect.

The Benefits of In-App Purchases for Developers

Have you ever before took a look at the “leading 10” checklists within Apple’s App Store and also observed that over fifty percent of the apps gaining one of the most cash are cost-free to download and install? Exactly how can this be feasible?

A number of years back, the App Store presented a brand-new function that permits designers to bill clients from straight within their applications – with the client’s link obviously. This function took a while to capture on, yet it is currently among the leading earnings approaches for numerous designers, and also below’s 2 methods that have actually verified very efficient for programmers:

Free Trials
The App Store does not straight permit cost-free tests of games/apps to be downloaded and install. With in-app acquisitions, designers are able to successfully supply individuals a demonstration and also test of their apps at no price. Throughout 2011, the App Store saw a huge increase in this method. A video game designer could provide a totally free download of the complete variation of their video game with 1/10th of the degrees opened. If the customer delights in the video game, they could acquire all the various other degrees – right from within the app – for the initial cost of the video game.

This has many advantages for the designer. Most especially, it permits them obtain their video game in the hands of greatly even more individuals compared to would certainly or else be feasible. Considering that customers could download and install apps completely free, they are extra likely to attempt it out, as well as with any luck, upgrade later on.

The “Freemium” Model
An additional preferred approach for in-app acquisitions is the “fermium” design where the app is totally free to everybody, yet those that make use of the app on a regular basis could update for even more attributes. This is extensively utilized by designers of energies, such as image editors, where most impacts are complimentary, yet extra filters are offered for $0.99. Once again, this enables several individuals to take advantage of the app, while still making earnings from those that utilize it sufficient to be going to pay.

The “Currency” Model
We’ll look at possibly the most efficient in-app acquisition technique of all. This is utilized mainly by designers of strategy-based as well as social games. Similar to the above approaches, the video game is complimentary to play and also download and install by any kind of customer, yet the games provide something such as Smurf Berries (Smurf’s Village) or Magic Beans (Trade Nations) that are basically “money” within the video game. Many games use customers means to make cost-free money, however, for the individuals that wish to proceed faster or attain even more, in-app acquisitions of these products will certainly improve the game-playing experience.

For programmers, the increase of in-app acquisitions has actually developed even more possibilities to create considerable profits from their job, developing even more deepness as well as high quality within the app shop.

Some Intriguing Functions of Google Play Video game Provider

Google has actually introduced numerous solutions for their Android customers. Google Play Games is among the solutions that could be gettinged by an Android customer in order to conserve their video game progression as well as take on their buddies utilizing the Google+ social media sites. Because its beginning, the system has actually become a fully grown system and also enables the customers to embark on a great deal of tasks which will certainly be spread out in the paragraphs listed below.

Attributes of Google Play Game Services that are intriguing:

The fundamental capability of Google Play Games is simply like the Apple Game. This social video game attribute permits cloud conserves, public leaderboards, multiplayer, anti-piracy and also success to be taped. These functions are a wonderful enhancement to the video game programmers, according to the records of a Mobile App Development Company, as they permit the video game programmers to make use of the Play Games SDK with their video game and also they do not need to create the attributes themselves.

Several of the significant features of the solution are:

· Achievements: The games we play have numerous success which could be opened as we advance. These functions maintain the video game intriguing, however lots of programmers avoid including these functions as they are afraid that the plus size of the resulting video game will certainly dissuade individuals from downloading it. With the Achievements function of Google Play Games, the programmer could make use of the accomplishments to their benefit without needing to include them to their initial video game itself, claims a noticeable Android App Development Company.

· Saved Games: Cloud Saves are one more excellent attribute of the Google Play Services. When we transform our phone, we typically encounter software program concerns and also various other concerns with our phone as well as there are times. By doing so, we shed all our progression in games that we utilized to have as well as play to go back to square one. The cloud conserve attribute makes certain that our video game progression is connected to our Gmail id as well as we could return to gameplay where we left, constantly.

· Quests as well as Leaderboards: Another fascinating function is the accessibility of pursuits as well as leaderboards. The leaderboards inform us just how we are doing in contrast to our social circle in Google +. Pursuits are on-line competitors and also obstacles which permit us to play multiplayer utilizing our gadget.

Begin making use of Google Play Game Services as well as appreciate these attributes as you venture right into the electronic globe to verify your mettle.This is all regarding just how Google Play Game solutions is assisting the individuals take their Android games to the social media by the usage of Google+ network.

Leading android app advancement business concentrates on Google Play Game solutions. Google Play Game solutions is aiding the individuals take their Android games to the social networks by the use Google+ network. Video gaming sector is popular nowadays.