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This is the Best Application to go by Public Transport


You can not always have a car to transport us, or ask for a taxi, so that you will not miss again, today we are going to show you the best application for public transport, an inexpensive way to get around and not Contaminates

We have already recommended some applications before, but now the application in question is called Citymapper, and brings together a large number of means of transport, such as train, subway or bus, which makes it very complete, avoiding you install two Or three more applications.

This is the best application to go by public transport

As we’ve told you, Citymapper is the best application to go on public transport that you can download. As soon as you enter, you can see that it is very organized so that, at a glance, you can see all the means of transport around you or enter the direction you want to go. Quite more useful than Google Maps in this regard.


In addition, it has two shortcuts to indicate the route you must take to get to the address you indicate as your home and work. So simple, without having to go through the directions every time you want to know how to get back home.

But possibly the most distinctive of Citymapper is that it brings together various means of transport, such as the bus, taxis, metro, train or even BiciMAD services. This will save you having to install the official application of the bus service, the metro and other public transport services you use.

But, although it is the best application to go on public transport, it is subject to limitations, such as the sites where it is available. In Spain, for example, it is only available in Madrid and Barcelona, while, unfortunately, throughout Latin America the list is reduced to a single city: São Paulo.

From the application itself you can suggest new cities where you want Citymapper to be implemented, but until you do this job, you can use Moovit, another quite complete application that will help you not to lose you again when you go on public transport.

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