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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger join their notifications

Facebook for Android

That a company like Facebook began to make itself with other companies of the sector like Instagram or WhatsApp, promising that each one of them would go its own way, sounded strange to us at first. The more data flow between each platform, the more profits companies obtain by selling our data.

Yesterday we saw how Facebook was fined by the European commission for having lied when buying WhatsApp (the lie is about joining Facebook accounts and WhatsApp) and today we learn thanks to TechCrunch that the company aims to join the notifications of its main platforms Of social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook itself.

As we have read, these 3 applications would be testing new interfaces in their sections of notifications with which to include also those pending news that we have in other social networks. That is, if we have any pending notification on Instagram, we will also be notified via Facebook or Messenger.


This does not mean that we receive 3 push notifications, but that when entering Facebook, for example, we will have a red circle in the upper right that will notify us that we have pending news. Clicking on this circle, a window will be displayed with the breakdown of the same: X are Instagram, and Messenger, etc.

However, the shadow of “come on, go read, you have things pending” will be there and will chase us for other applications like a fly in summer, something that surely cause fatigue to more than one user.

At the moment, as we say, is a new functionality that is in the testing phase, although it seems that it will not take too long to reach other users. To enjoy this new option – if you are going to enjoy it – it is necessary to have linked the accounts of both platforms, so those who have not done this step you should not fear.

What do you think of this new functionality? Do you like it or do you find it too intrusive?

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