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3 million views on YouTube: Earn Money With Viral Videos

May 15, 2011 I posted a video on YouTube of my twins and thus now reached more than 3 million views. Viral videos can not be controlled, it is my conclusion. Are snowball still on? And I can also now earn real money? In this article I will discuss the question of what is possible when you have a viral video management.

In my previous article, I pointed out if there is an explanation for the success of my viral video. Afterwards I received numerous comments by mail, Twitter and the blog with additional statements: the video is touching it comes to babies, the duration of the video is less than one minute. And while this is true of course, my conclusion is that the emergence of a viral video is basically not predictable.

Meanwhile, the video that I posted on YouTube on May 15, 2011, viewed over 3 million times. On October 14, 2012, this was slightly more than 1 million. The snowball effect thus seems to continue. As input for this article, I use the statistics until Friday, December 28, 2012, which I compare to that of October 14, 2012.
More women than men

What is striking about the viewers of the video is that the percentage of women has increased slightly. From two-thirds to about 70%, with the majority of the youtube views still is in the age group of 45 to 54 years old and lives in the United States.

Involvement in the movie

What happens when the viewers when they see the movie? 14 October 2225 viewers have the video as ‘cute’ and 96 marked as ‘not nice’ (4.3%). On 28 December 6738 the video viewers ‘likes’ and 429 marked as ‘not nice’ (6.4%). Proportionately more people therefore ‘not nice’ clicked. October 14, 499 people have posted the video among their favorites, and 54 (10.8%) later removed again. On 28 December 1256, these are people, of which 115 (9.2%) to remove it later. The response to the video is still not very much, with 735 or 0.02% of the total number of views.

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