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Use WhatsApp is now free with Vodafone and does not consume your data


Today we echoed in Andro4all that Vodafone was going to make changes in its rates. Of these changes we can highlight two: the price increase of between 2 and 5 euros in tariffs and Chat Zero, a good invention of Vodafone to make our data last longer. What is that of Zero Chat? Surely you know FreedomPop, the telephone company that offers WhatsApp for free (that is, it does not consume your data). Well Chat Zero is something like that.

From this precise moment, Chat Zero has entered into force in all the tariffs that go from the Mini S onwards. With Chat Zero, the consumption you make through your messaging applications will not consume your rate data. And yes, I speak in the plural, because it’s not just WhatsApp the application that enters into Zero Chat. Included within this system are Telegram, Line, Wechat, BlackBerry Messenger or Message +.

The good thing is that they include both sending text and images, videos and files. This, which may seem silly now, is not. When you run out of megabytes in Vodafone, the company lowers the speed of navigation to 16 kbps, which makes it almost impossible to use the phone – and here speaks the voice of experience. The fact that the main messaging applications do not consume data now is good news for all Vodafone users.

It should also be noted that the data of the main tariffs of Vodafone have tripled: the S, M and L. Where previously we were with 2, 4 and 6 GB, now we find 6, 10 and 20 GB, thanks to Chat Zero we can invest in social networks, consumption of multimedia content or play online. Be that as it may, it’s no big deal that messaging applications do not consume our data. It is a point in favor of Vodafone, no doubt.

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