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SimCity does ADSL, FX football increasingly closer and much more


One more Monday gets to your rescue to bring you all the latest video games of the last seven days. A present marked by very serious failures suffered SimCity, thus staining its anticipated premiere and infuriating to the mass of the mythical Simulator players. Speaking of simulators, the reincarnation of PC football called soccer FX is ever closer to our stores. All this and much more, then.

The week that ended yesterday has been, as always, rich in news of all kinds and draft. The failures of SimCity, the anniversary of Xbox LIVE or the new micropayments in Black Ops II not have left us indifferent.

SimCity is too much online

So at a time in which increasingly more video games require a permanent connection to the Internet to play, Maxis is has could not resist to fashion with its new SimCity, but did not expect is that the joke out so expensive.

Earlier in the week we became echo of the problems that were suffering many users try to connect to the game, a problem that was recognized by Maxis and Electronic Arts. The funny thing the subject is something that is presumed as anecdotal became older and at the end of the week had to Maxis justified by a larger problem thought and players showing their displeasure uploading simcity buildit hack videos of the bugs of the game.

FX football, do the definitive sports manager?

Since FX Interactive announced that it was developing FX football, everyone is we came to head the classic PC football, undisputed king of the managers of football until it fell into disfavor.

This week we have had double ration of the simulator that is already preparing FX Interactive that, a few weeks before that goes on sale, the company has announced that the game is in beta and, incidentally, he has shown us a few images more accompanying some of the innovations that will bring FX football.

Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in our crosshairs

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Xbox LIVE, we decided to stop a moment and remember the beginnings of the platform Microsoft online and your current health status. We also celebrate the anniversary, especially when it is accompanied by succulent offers.

On the other hand, in our attempt to get our complaints or suggestions to the big multinationals in the sector, have taken the opportunity to talk about another great online platform, PlayStation Network. In particular, the purpose of our letter is none other that reflect on the system of downloads of PSN, a system on which the softer adjective that can be used is archaic.

News to galore

Sometimes there is news or news that frighten me for various reasons. If I’ve never been fan of the DLC, I’m not faithful at the micropayments system, which usually just causing a bleeding slower but just as painful as the of the DLC. That is why pick up skeptically the inclusion of micropayments in Black Ops II to get things so necessary as skins to my arms.

Capture FarCry 3Ya that mentioned the DLC, is just talking about those who will arrive soon to Dishonored and Sleeping Dogs, two great game of 2012 which will see long play times.

The analysis of this week, with narrated guide included, has been in charge of Far Cry 3, a game that is not suitable for minors, as neither are gun III, The Walking Dead or Bioshock Infinite, of which we have had news during last week.

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