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Now available the parental control app of the Nintendo Switch for Android

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

In the middle of January we already anticipated that Nintendo would launch an application with which to manage the parental control of the new Nintento Switch. And is that the last console presented by the company has given much to talk about, especially for its new concept, which is novel and versatile.

The possibility of using this console in a portable way or use it as a tabletop device, turned on the TV, makes it the most innovative on the market. Nintendo knows how to protect everything that surrounds its products, and so has created the application to manage parental control from the mobile, among many other things.

The Nintendo Switch parental control app is now available

The application has been created with the aim of granting the command to the parents, never better said. With it they will be able to control the consumption of games in the console, although it is not the only use that can be given to that app.

The application responds to the name of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls. From it we can set temporary limits to play, even create schedules so that the person who is using the console can not play at a certain time.

A kind of timer will keep players informed, who will see a warning on the screen when they have a few minutes left. Once the counter reaches zero, the adult in charge of controlling this schedule can decide whether to turn off the console automatically or leave it on.

Another very well integrated functionality is the possibility of choosing the content that the child in question can play. You can choose an age range, all thanks to the famous PEGI code that all games use today. A very successful release by Nintendo that can now be downloaded for free on Google Play.

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