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Samsung is lagging behind Apple regarding phone activations!

Not having a new flagship smartphone on the market during this year-end is not a good thing for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 could have worked wonders at Samsung if it had not been removed from production and marketing (due to its repeated explosions). This may be one of the reasons why Samsung is still lagging behind Apple (in 2nd place) for most of the phone activations that were performed during that period. Data from analyst company Flurry show that the iPhone accounted for 44% of all activations of new smartphones during the winter holiday period. Samsung ranked second in the ranking with 21%.

This shows that the iPhone continues to be a highly valued and highly sought after gift during the period in question but Flurry also says that life begins to smile at Samsung by adding that Samsung’s popularity is steadily increasing in recent days; It represents an increase of 1% compared to last year. Given that the Galaxy Note 7 is missing, the Galaxy S7 has remained the most popular smartphone at Samsung and this is the case because the company has promoted its flagship model of 2016 very persistently to compensate for the losses that have been Caused by the Galaxy Note

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